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Institutional Custody

Secure Your Digital Assets with SDX Web3 Custody Solution
and Focus on Your Business Growth

For Institutional Clients

Secure Storage and Management of Crypto Assets

Secure Your Crypto Assets with SDX Web3 Custody Solution and Focus on Your Business Growth

At SDX Web3, we offer a world-class, institutional custody service specifically designed to meet the needs of institutional clients. Safe and cost-effective, our service offers key storage, transfer execution, and monitoring with banking-grade compliance standards, automated reporting, and blockchain management. With SDX Web3 your assets are always protected, with the highest quality of services for loss and theft prevention and fully compliant regarding AML and sanction processes. As part of SIX group, we are compliant with all the relevant regulation by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory.


Our Custody Service Includes

  • A Swiss solution
    All keys are hosted in Switzerland and directly controlled by SDX
  • Infrastructure as a service
    Our clients do not need to invest in costly infrastructure and integration, no need to build knowledge and expertise to operate infrastructure on an institutional level
  • Integration with existing communication channels
    The SDX Web3 Custody solution integrates with all existing current communication channels used by banks, like ISO.
  • Access to SIX Group services
    As being part of SIX Group, SDX Web3 can access additional crypto services like collateral management. SIX continues to build out their crypto and digital asset business so more services will come over timeY

All Internal SDX Web3 Processes are Audited and Proactively Manage any Associated Risks.

  • Fulfilling all aspects of institutional custody: storage, transfers, technical & operational management
  • Cost effective institutional & wholesale focus
  • Time-to-market efficiency
  • Complete client interface
  • Banking standard ISO SWIFT connectivity
  • Standard ISO SWIFT reporting (End of Day)
  • Continuously expanding range of tokens and infrastructure services (e.g., staking)
  • Access / gateway to planned service offering in the areas of trading, post-trade management, collateral management, etc.
  • Customized user experience in terms of accessing service (UI, or ISO connectivity)
  • Focused on institutional clients’ requirements
  • Battle-tested system and more
  • Industry-leading key storage combining the advantages of MPC Co-Signing and physical HSM technology
  • Audited processes & procedures to proactively manage risks (both loss & theft prevention)
  • Subject to standard SIX Group requirements & approvals
  • Member of a Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) und under consolidated supervision by FINMA
  • Best-in-class KYC/KYT blockchain analytics
  • Compliant with FINMA requirements for 3rd party wallets
  • IVMS travel rule data format
  • Specialized staff and processes to handle all technical & operational blockchain aspects including blockchain events (e.g., forks)
  • Professional handling of all relevant processes (e.g., transaction execution timing, cold storage retrieval, fee management, asset consolidation, etc.)

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SDX Web3 Custody Service Brochure

Risk Information Sheet of Digital Assets for Clients of SDX Web3 Services

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