SDX ETH Staking

SDX provides fully managed infrastructure and APIs to enable reliable and secure management of non-custodial Ethereum validator nodes.

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is upgrading to a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. This will improve the security and sustainability of the Ethereum blockchain. Proof of Stake networks do not require the energy intensive processing to validate transactions. It is a multi-year effort, with the merge event expected in 2022. The Beacon Chain upgrade, already operational, allows asset holders of the native token, ETH, to stake their assets and earn rewards. Staking on Ethereum requires one validator node per 32 ETH which will result in a large infra footprint for institutional clients.

A product tailored to institutional clients service and support

Our product is designed for institutional clients who need to scale their Ethereum staking capability. With an API capable of managing the entire staking process, institutional clients can create new validators, generate deposit contract transactions and monitor validator status in real-time.

  • 01
    • Validator management API
    • Dynamic validator orchestration
    • Validator monitoring dashboard
  • 02
    • Secure, off-chain key management
    • Secure API and UI access
  • 03
    • Failover and zonal cloud redundancy
    • Slashing protection and penalty mitigation

Service and Support

Managing the Ethereum consensus layer infrastructure is complex and requires expert knowledge. SDX abstracts away the complications of blockchain infrastructure management and provides best-in-class service and support.

  • 01
    • Proven quality of service from Swiss financial infrastructure provider
  • 02
    • Infra setup and support
    • Security audited infrastructure
  • 03
    • SLA covering validator node uptime and slashing

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