Custody Service for Digital Assets

Allowing clients to offer secure and integrated access to the digital asset market.

Accessing digital asset markets requires significant resources and know-how in the areas of Business, Operations and Technology. Through its Web3 services, SDX enables banks and other institutions to focus on their core business by providing efficient access to digital asset markets.


Our service is designed for institutional clients that want to scale their digital asset business leveraging best-in-class back-end services/capabilities.

  • Full-service
      • Fulfilling all aspects of institutional custody: storage, transfers, technical & operational management (e.g., blockchain fees)
      • Cost effective institutional & wholesale focus
      • Time-to-market efficiency                                                       


  • Straightforward connectivity / integration
      • Complete client interface
      • Banking standard ISO SWIFT connectivity 
      • Standard ISO SWIFT reporting (End of Day)
      • REST API interfacing options
  • Modular, future-
proof platform
      • Continuously expanding range of tokens and infrastructure services (e.g., staking)
      • Access / gateway to planned service offering in the areas of trading, post-trade management, collateral management, etc.


Managing the various aspects of digital asset custody is complex and requires the build-up of substantial capabilities. SDX abstracts away the complications of blockchain infrastructure management and provides best-in-class security and service.

  • FMI-grade
      • Industry-leading key storage combining the advantages of MPC Co-Signing and physical HSM technology
      • Audited processes & procedures to proactively manage risks (both loss & theft prevention)
      • Subject to standard SIX/SDX (FMI-) requirements & approvals
  • Full regulatory compliance
      • Banking-grade AML & sanction compliance processes
      • Best-in-class KYC / KYT blockchain analytics
      • Compliant with FINMA requirements for 3rd party wallets
      • IVMS travel rule data format
  • Complete operational coverage
      • Specialized staff and processes to handle all technical & operational blockchain aspects including blockchain events (e.g., forks)
      • SLA covering all relevant operational parameters (e.g., transaction execution timing, cold storage retrieval, fee management, asset consolidation, etc)

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