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Offering Web3 Services for Institutional Clients
Who Want to Scale Their Digital Asset Business

Secure, Reliable, Transparent

At SDX Web3, we enable banks and other institutions to focus on their core business by providing efficient access to digital asset markets. Our FMI-grade infrastructure gives our clients peace of mind and confidence in their digital asset strategy.

Whether it’s institutional custody solutions or staking services, our offering is tailored to the unique needs of institutional clients.

SDX Web3 offers a comprehensive suite of services, advanced security measures, deep expertise, and a commitment to innovation and customer service to the financial industry.

Our Trusted Infrastructure Provides Clients with the Necessary Tools to Manage Their Digital Assets Efficiently, Securely, and Transparently.


Secure storage and management of digital assets for institutional clients seeking exposure to blockchain-based assets.


Enhanced institutional crypto solution in collaboration with DLT Finance, enabling clients to experience a unified and streamlined service.


Cutting-edge blockchain technology solution that allows businesses to participate in secure, efficient, and cost-effective crypto staking.


Highest Operational and Security Standards

As part of SIX, one of Europe’s leading financial market infrastructure providers, we adhere to the highest operational and security standards. We understand the importance of customer protection, a clear governance framework, and regulatory obligations in the digital asset space.

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